Great OAKs is our advanced training program for committed juniors who want to progress further and/or compete with the best. There are no age restrictions for this program, but we do require a core level of ability before accepting applicants.

If your child has not orienteered before, we recommend you enrol in our acorns or saplings programs first.

At a minimum, your child should know:

  • What most symbols on an orienteering map mean.
  • How to orient a map to north (with and without a compass).
  • How to “thumb along” with where they are.

In the Great OAKs program, your child will learn:

  • How to interpret contour lines.
  • How to take bearings and run on them efficiently.
  • How to plan ahead and choose optimal route choices.
  • Advanced relocation techniques for when things go wrong.

We run two Great OAKs programs during the year:

  • The Spring sessions use a mixture of parks and forest maps, to practice forest orienteering.
  • The Fall sessions use a mixture of parks and urban areas, to practice sprint orienteering.