Acorns is our program for younger children. In this program we teach the FUNdamentals of being active, including basic map-reading and physical literacy skills. Navigation choices are kept simple – everything is on trails, or in very open grassy areas.

Example skills we teach are:

  • The importance of a dynamic and active warm-up
  • How to orient a map so it points north
  • What important symbols on the map mean
  • What an orienteering course looks like
  • How to decide which trail to run down to reach the next checkpoint
  • How to plan a route that involves multiple decision points (for the more advanced children)
  • How to use the electronic timing system used at orienteering events

Values we try to instil are:

  • Respect and appreciation of nature
  • Courtesy and consideration of other athletes and park users
  • Independence to make decisions and learn from mistakes
  • Having fun while outdoors, and…
  • Having fun while outdoors even if it’s raining!